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Salt - the star of Salt & Friends, our award-winning DVD. She is a grandmother with 12 calves and 8 grandcalves.Rocker is a champion breacher.  One day he breached out of the water more than a hundred times.Stub is spyhopping.  Stub is with Colt on Awesome Whales for Kids.  They came up to our boat and began singing.  This once in a lifetime event is the bonus chapter on the DVD.Giraffe feeding on small fish. She was named for a string of marks on her fluke that looks like spots on a giraffe's neck.Seal lobtailing which means hitting his tail on the water.  Seal was born in 1984 to Mars.

Sirius The Humpback Whale

Sirius' Story

Sirius was born in 1982 to Fringe.  He was named after the star Sirius due to the bright white mark on the center part of his tail.  Sirius also shows a cut in his tail stock from being entangled in fishing gear.

Sirius is one of the few humpback whales on Stellwagen Bank with black flippers.  The almost all black pigment is on the dorsal or top side of his 15 foot long flippers.  This is an easy way to identify Sirius when he is close to the boat or flippering at a distance.



The family tree for Sirius is below


You can meet Sirius, his mother Fringe and several brothers and sisters on

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Sirius' History

Mother:               Fringe First Sighting:   1982
Year Of Birth:   1982 Last Seen:           2012

Sirius' Family Tree (Fringe's Family)

Calves Year of Birth Grandcalves
Tassel 1979  
Sirius 1982  
Thread 1984  
Paris 1986  
Tornado 1988 Parallel 1995 (Tornado)
Brittlestar 1990 Mas Menos 1998 (Tornado)
Molar 1993 Beanie 2000 (Tornado)
Fiber 1997 Unnamed 2003 (Tornado)
Freestyle 1999 Samurai 2006 (Tornado)
Unnamed 2003 Unnamed 2008 (Tornado)

Pictures of Sirius (from his DVD)

Adopt A Whale WDCS - Sirius a scene for his DVD showing the bright white star pattern on his tail

Sirius also has very unusual flippers.  The top of his flippers are mostly black.  There are only a few east coast humpback whales with this trait.

Whale Adoption WDCS Sirius showing black flippers that help identifiy Sirius from the Sirius DVD     Sirius with black flippers

Sirius is also a very active whale.  Some people think he is a show-off.

     Sirius breaching     Sirius breaching 2     Sirius breaching splash

 Sirius adopt a whale open mouth     Sirius the humpback lobtailing

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